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Vintage UNIVERSITY of MICHIGAN Stadium Poncho Fringed Blanket Wool Wolverines


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is an interesting old poncho made of what looks to me to be a fringed wool picnic blanket.  It has an interlocking “UM” at the centre front in block letters, and given the colour combination of blue and yellow, I believe that it is a University of Michigan piece.  I think that it is quite old, possibly 1930s era, judging by the wool and the sewn on letters, but it might be a little later.  I’ve seen the interlocking U and M on an old Michigan pennant and the colours weren’t even right on the pennant - they used teal blue and yellow.  The yellow on this is in a muted tone, kind of like a mustard colour, somewhat greenish in tone.  It is a little unusual that the lettering is in blue and the background yellow, but this would date to a time when the rules weren’t so strict on how the University colours would be presented and I assume that this was homemade, although it is very well made.  The blanket is yellow on the exterior and blue on the interior - I’ve shown both sides in the photos as well as a close-up of the sew lines for the letters as they appear on the interior.  The poncho has an opening for the head that is reinforced around the opening with blue. 

It is in great condition - no wear, tear, moth nibbles or other defect, this has been very well stored over the years.

This is a wonderful collectible piece - you can just imagine someone wearing this in the stadium and cheering!