Vintage Tammis Keefe Santa Claus Hankie Christmas Novelty Print Handkerchief


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful vintage handkerchief designed and signed by Tammis Keefe. It features Santa Claus pulling his sleigh while his reindeer take a break. Tammis Keefe is considered one of the greatest handkerchief designers, highly collectible for her wonderful graphic prints. Her career started at Disney Studios, then at the Dorothy Liebes textile studio. She started designing for Kimbal during the late 1940s and continued designing hankies through the 1950s - she passed away in 1960. She produced some 400 handkerchief designs. This hankie is made of cotton. It measures 14 1/2 square. It is in very good condition with no noted wear, tear, soiling, staining or odour, but would benefit from a proper pressing. This is a wonderful addition to a Tammis Keefe collection or as a Christmas display piece .