Vintage SWANK Tuxedo Studs & Cufflinks White Gold Plated - Evening Set in Box


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a set of tuxedo shirt studs and cuff links made by Swank of Attleboro, Mass.  The set comes in its original box, complete with guarantee card, which states that the set is gold plated and made in “548 Smoke”, I guess a reference to the color of the abalone used.  The metal is white, so I would assume that these are white gold plated. 

I’m unsure of the age of the set, but I would think that it dates to the early 1960s as the set cost $3.50.  The back of the cufflinks are stamped “Swank B&W Plated” - B&W stands for Baer & Wilde, which was the name of the company during the early 1900s.  The set looks unused - it is in very clean condition.

This is a very attractive set of dress studs and cufflinks - nice set!