Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet w 10 Charms


Brand Etsy

This is a vintage charm bracelet with ten charms attached to it. The catch on this charm bracelet is stamped Sterling. The charms consist of a lady swimmer, a bull, a windmill, a lucky charm consisting of a wishbone, horseshoe, clover and heart, a souvenir of the Virgin Islands, a fir tree, a piano, a souvenir of the Canada vs Russia 1972 hockey series,a boat and a bag of golf clubs. Most pieces are marked Sterling or Ster - Im sure that they are all silver even if unmarked. The only moving parts are the cover of the piano and the blades of the windmill. The charm bracelet measures 7 1/4 in length laid out straight and weighs 41 grams (1.45 oz). Everything is in very good condition except that one of the leaves is broken off of the four leaf clover.
This is a very nice sterling silver charm bracelet with some nice charms on it!