Vintage Sherman Senator Sodalite Cufflinks Silver Toned w Tie Tack


Brand Etsy

This is a quality cufflink set made by Sherman under their Senator mens brand. Sherman used only the highest quality materials in their products. This pair of cufflinks and tie tack are made with a rounded square shaped silver toned metal setting with a blue stone in the centre. I believe that the stone is sodalite, which is a rare mineral that is sometimes used as a gem material in jewelry, although rarely. Sodalite can be confused with lapis lazuli, but the white streaks give it away as being sodalite. The cufflinks are stamped Senator Pat. Pend. on the toggles. The faces measure 3/4 square. They are in very good condition - note the white streak and the internal veining and fissures typical of sodalite. One of the reasons that sodalite is rarely used is that it is very difficult to match pieces due to the variance of appearance in sodalite. The set is pre-owned, but looks to have seen little use - I did notice some wear to the setting at the top edge in one area on one cufflink only, but this and the faults in the stones are really not at all noticeable under normal viewing, but pronounced in the photos due to the photo lighting and enlargement.
Sherman Senator cufflinks are highly sought after - blue minerals are rare and the light toned colour of this set makes it special!