Vintage Royal Doulton Seriesware Jug Jovial Friar Joins Robin Hood Under the Greenwood Tree


Brand Etsy

This is a seriesware jug or pitcher designed by Charles Noke for Royal Doulton featuring Robin Hood and his Merry Men, titled Under the Greenwood Tree. This particular jug from the Robin Hood themed series is known as The Jovial Friar Joins Robin Hood. The piece is stamped on the underside with the Royal Doulton Greenwood Tree backstamp and hand numbered D3751 - this jug was made from 1914 until 1961, but D3751 was used as the identification number from 1914 until 1941, however, the absence of the Royal Doulton lion backstamp, I believe, makes this an early issue. It measures 7 in height and weighs 1 lb and 5 oz. It is in very good condition with the exception of the typical glaze crazing found on older series ware. Great addition to a Royal Doulton Under the Greenwood Tree
collection, or just a wonderful display piece for the Robin Hood collector!