Vintage Rosenthal Porcelain Monbijou Bavaria Candy Dish Hand Painted Cherries


Brand Etsy

This is a lovely quality Monbijou (My Jewel) candy dish made by Rosenthal Bavaria. The piece is hand painted with cherries on branches. The edge is generously trimmed in gold paint. The underside is stamped Rosenthal Monbijou Bavaria. Monbijou was originally produced between 1896 and 1907, however, the mark on this example would appear to date it to the 1920s or early 30s. Shapes in the Monbijou line, as this piece, are highly detailed and ruffled. The white blanks were then painted by artists chosen by Rosenthal although Im sure that some blanks were amateur painted. The piece measures 7 1/2 by 7 1/2 and is in very good condition with no pronounced wear (except for the gold under the tab handle), and no chips or cracks. Gorgeous display piece - superior Rosenthal quality!