Vintage Religious Diptych Sacred Hearts Jesus & Mary Brass Ormolu Double Hinged Tabletop Frame


Brand Etsy

This is a diptych depicting the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The portraits are housed under glass in a double hinged tabletop frame made of brass ormolu - ormolu is a technique of plating brass with finely ground high carat gold. It is unmarked, but most likely of French origin. The frame stands on it own and is finely detailed - please view the close-up photos. Mary is portrayed as Our Lady of Sorrows. The frame has IHS with a cross emerging from it Unfortunately, the top hinge was detached from the side of one of the frames. I have re-attached it using metal glue and it is presently holding, however, should it become detached again, you have the option of either re-gluing it or having a jeweller solder it - fairly minor issue if an issue at all. The frame measures 6 1/2 in height to the top of the cross, 6 1/4 exclusive of the cross. It measures 4 1/2 in width closed and about 9 wide fully open. Aside from the hinge issue and a bit of wear to the backing paper, it is in excellent condition and displays beautifully.
Gorgeous quality frame, lovely religious accent in the right setting..