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Vintage Piaget Silk Scarf Polo Theme Swiss Watch Luxury Brand 35” Authentic


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is an authentic vintage Piaget silk scarf dating most likely to the 1980s.  Piaget is a Swiss watchmaker and jeweller, considered the sixth most prestigious jewelry brand in the world.  The scarf features an illustration of three Polo players, one of which is wearing a Piaget jersey.  The inner border is made up of ochre gold bars, interspersed with “Piaget” and the Piaget logo.  The outer border is made in a tone of burgundy. 

Label: Made in Italy 100% Silk

Color: Tan, ochre gold, burgundy, two tones of brown, white, grey and black

Sizing: 90 cm - 35” by 34.5”

Condition:  It is in excellent condition with no wear, tear or odors.  The original folds are still in place - this looks never to have been used.

This is a wonderful vintage silk scarf issued by a top luxury brand - excellent quality, rich looking graphic!