Vintage Phoenix Consolidated Art Glass Vase White Wild Rose Pattern


Brand Etsy

This is a white glass vase most likely made by either the Davis-Lynch glass company or Anchor Hocking using Phoenix Glass Co., molds. Phoenix produced Consolidateds Martele designs between 1933 and 1936 and then returned the molds to Consolidated. They produced a pattern called Wild Rose, which was identical to Consolidateds Dogwood. However, Phoenix generally produced contrasting colours to the pattern from the background - I dont know if Consolidated produced single colour vases. In the late 60s Davis Lynch glass borrowed some molds from Phoenix and produced single colour versions of those molds and then in 1970 Anchor Hocking acquired Phoenix and also produced single colour versions until 1976. Davis Lynch only produced a few hundred vases, so one might think that this vase was made by Anchor Hocking. What is puzzling is that there are black specks present in the glass here and there, a quality defect that one wouldnt expect from Anchor Hocking. So the vase is a bit of a mystery. One thing is certain - this still has a wonderful art deco look to it. The vase is made in a somewhat glossy white semi-opaque glass, very much like milk glass. It measures 11 in height and is in very good condition with no chips, cracks or wear - note that the black specks are noticeable under normal casual viewing.
This vase is really lovely - clean white accent, wonderful in a modern decor!