Vintage PBN Paint by Number Painting Model T Car Craft Master NA212 20" x 15"


Brand Etsy

This is a vintage paint by number painting titled Model T, featuring a Ford Model T car going down a cobblestone street, producing a cloud of smoke while a couple looks on. This was originally made from kit New Artist NA201-12 by Craft Master, the brand name of the Palmer-Pann Corporation of Toledo. I believe that this painting dates to the 1950s, but I dont have an exact date. It is reasonably well painted, great for the right decor. It is in a wood frame, I assume original. The panel measures 15 by 20 and the frame measures 18 3/4 by 23 3/4. The painting is in very good condition, the frame has a few scratches. Nice addition to a PBN collection.