Vintage Northern Electric Rotary Telephone 302 1946 Metal Body Painted Sold As Is


Brand Etsy

This is a Northern Electric rotary telephone that I believe is a model 302. The phone has a metal body and bakelite handset. The F1 handset has patent dates of 1922 and 1923, and a registration date of 1935. The interior is stamped with Patented 1933 1939 Rd 1935 I-46. Because of the metal body, this is quite heavy, weighing 6 lbs and 10 oz. Unfortunately, the phone has been painted and repainted in three colours - turquoise, red and, then finally, in white. The dial works well and the phone can call out and receive calls but the ringer isnt working. The paint has chipped in a number of places (see photos) and I did strip the handset in one spot so that I could read the information. The dial numbers have wear (see photo). The cords are replacements. This definitely needs some TLC, but it should be possible to strip it and refinish it. Great for someone for wants a project, certainly deserves to be recycled!