Vintage Murano Glass Sommerso Bowl Clear w Grey Red & Blue Seguso Vetri dArte


Brand Etsy

This is a small, but very heavy piece of glass made in Murano, unsigned, but attributed to the Seguso Vetri dArte, which specialized in the sommerso technique of glassmaking. The piece is made in a bowl form - I dont think that it is an ashtray and although it could possibly be used as such, I think that it is too pretty for that use. It is made of a clear glass with grey colouring at the bottom and blue and red wisps of colour trapped within the sides of the bowl - the clear glass takes on a violet cast around the top due to the other colours, even though this isnt visible in the photos. It measures 5 square with a height of 3 and weighs 3 lbs and 5 oz, amazingly heavy for its size. It is hand polished on its underside and is in very good condition with the exception of some fleabite type chips to the underside at the edge of the base (see last close-up photo) - they look worse in the enlarged photos and could be sanded smooth, but they really are not noticeable under normal viewing. This is a very attractive piece of mid-century glass - displays beautifully, wonderful accent piece in the right decor!