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Vintage 1980s Wool Poncho Cape - Montreal Designer - Renee Legault


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wonderful quality wool poncho cape made by Renee Legault.  Renee Legault is Montreal based and is considered a “craft” designer/seamstress, who creates limited or one of a kind garments.  The label identifies the model as “Tourterelle”, which translates from French to “Turtle Dove”.  The piece is beautifully made with dark and light blue insets meant to replicate feathers, as well as other blue and green insets against a grey background colour.  The collar scarf closes the neck and hangs over the back.  The piece has arm openings, very much like a poncho, and folds over at the front - there is only one snap closure at about the waist level.  It is difficult to ascertain age, but the piece has large shoulder pads, typical of what was used during the 1980s - I know that Ms. Legault has been producing garments for over 30 years, so this could be one of her early designs. 

Sizing: The label states that this piece is “Taille Unique”, meaning one size fits all - it should fit a range of sizes from small to large.  Please note the following measurements:

Shoulders:  21” across the shoulder pads

Length: 45”

Bust: 106” around, including the sleeves, meant to hang loosely

Waist:  94” across, at the level of the closure, just under the arm openings

Sleeves:  26” from the neck seam

Condition:  It is in very good condition with no wear, tear or stains - this appears not to have seen much use at all and was well cared for and stored over the years.

This is a very dramatic piece….wonderful colours that pop on the background, great piece for cold fall weather, sure to provide warmth and protection!