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Vintage Mod 1960s Maggy Rouff Paris Silk Twill Scarf Made in France


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a rare and wonderful vintage scarf silk twill scarf by French fashion house Maggy Rouff.  Maggy Rouff has a long and interesting history - her parents opened a Paris fashion house called “Drécoll” in 1902, an off-shoot of an important Viennese house that catered to the Austro-Hungarian royal family, so she was brought up in the fashion business.  Her actual name was Marguerite Besançon de Wagner, but she opened her fashion house under the name Maggy Rouff in 1929.  She retired in 1948, but her daughter ran the business until its closure in 1965, due to an inability to appeal to younger customers.  This scarf dates to the end of the fashion house and is an obvious attempt to appeal to those younger customers with its mod floral design and its orange-red and turquoise colour combination.  The scarf has a hand rolled edge and is signed “Maggy Rouff Paris” at the bottom left.  It measures 30” square and is in pristine condition with original folds.


This is a rare collectible scarf - great mod design and a very nice piece from a long departed Paris fashion house!