Vintage Lidded Bouillon Bowl Made in Italy Cockerel Rooster Mark Cantagalli Pottery


Brand Etsy

This is a two handled bouillon bowl with lid and saucer made in Italy and marked on the underside with the cockerel (young rooster) mark. The cockerel was normally used by Cantagalli, but I cant find an exact match, so I cant say that this is Cantagalli with certainty.. The set is finished in a white glaze that is decorated in a hand painted abstract design in tones of blue and brown. . The saucer is made with some depth and measures 6 1/4 in diameter while the bowl measures 6 across its handles with a height of 2 1/2, exclusive of its lid. It is in very good condition, but does have a few small glaze deep chips on the top edge of the bowl, a shallow chip to the base rim of the saucer and glaze wear to the tip of one of the handles (see close-up photos), all quite minor. Despite the glaze flakes/small chips, this set still displays very well - if not Cantagalli, still very nice quality!