Vintage 1940s Liberty of London Paisley Silk Scarf Square w Cloth Label


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is an older paisley pattern silk scarf made by the venerable English firm Liberty of London.  The cloth label that is affixed to this scarf was discontinued by Liberty, I believe, during the 1950s, so this scarf mostly likely dates either to the 40s or 50s.  You rarely see Liberty scarves of this age.  I’ve counted six different colours, which is quite amazing given the intricacy of the print.  Liberty would use woodcuts to print each colour one at a time - the more colours and the more complicated the pattern, the more difficult to register the colours due to fabric stretch, so Liberty would waste a lot of material in producing well registered prints.  You can imagine sometimes printing five colours and when you get to the sixth, it prints off-register, ruining all of the work already performed.  Liberty would often use old blocks in their inventory to produce printed fabric, so this particular design could be an older one.  In any case, it is subtle, but very attractive, printed in striking colours and a gorgeous pattern. 

Colours: Blue, red, purple, yellow, turquoise green and black with dropped out white

Label: Cloth label that reads “Liberty” in lower case with a capital L, and “Made in England” in upper case

Material: Silk

Size: 22” square

Condition:  It is in very good condition - there is one pull and two tiny silk separations, all very minor, and noticeable only upon very close inspection with a strong light behind the scarf.  Otherwise, this looks like it saw little use and was well stored over the years - ready for use.

This is a hard to find older Liberty of London silk scarf - a must have for the Liberty collector!