Vintage Ladies White Kid Leather Cutwork Long Evening Gloves Lace Inset


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a wonderful pair of vintage ladies’ long white kid leather evening gloves with floral cutwork down their length.  I think that they are unused, but have a couple of small brown spots that look like they were caused by a splash (see last two close-up photos). You can see the impression of the lace cutwork on the opposite side, caused by storage, but this will disappear with use.  The interior of the right glove is stamped “7 Lavabile” - Lavabile is Italian for “washable”, so it probably will be possible to remove the stains, but you will need to know how to clean kid leather.  These came with a lot of 1950s/1960s gloves, most unused.

Size: Size 7 is  indicated, but please rely on the following measurements for fit, noting that the leather still needs to be stretched out as they are probably unused or saw little use.  They have a length of 14 3/4” to the middle finger and a palm width of 3” - this would normally be more like a size 6 1/2, but as I mentioned, they will need to be worked/stretched out.  The middle finger has a length of 3”.

This is a wonderful pair of vintage gloves, very nice quality - sold at a reduced price due to the small stains….