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Vintage Jay Flex Sterling Silver Rhinestone Brooch & Earrings Demi Parure


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a striking demi-parure, consisting of earrings and brooch made by Montreal based jewelry manufacturer Jay Flex.  

Jay Flex was in business from the 1930s until the 1960s, and although a direct competitor to the better known Montreal based manufacturer Sherman, remains under appreciated.  Jay Flex always used sterling silver settings, but coloured rhinestones are much less common than clear rhinestones in Jay Flex jewelry.  Every now and then, however, you find coloured rhinestones in a piece of Jay Flex, and, sometimes, the colour palette,as with this set, is fabulous.  

The brooch is made in a rounded shape and the earrings are made in petaled forms. The stones are made in a pink colour, light violet colour and a topaz colour - the combination is interesting and quite beautiful.  The brooch measures 2 1/8” in diameter while the earrings measure 7/8” in diameter.   The earrings have screw-on fasteners.  The settings are gold toned silver.  All three pieces in very good condition with no wear, missing stones or repairs - this is a very nicely preserved demi of excellent quality.

The colours are really desirable on this set - sure to be noticed!