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Vintage Hermes Silk Twill Scarf Cannes et Pommeaux Francoise de la Perriere 1985


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is an authentic vintage Hermes scarf titled “Cannes et Pommeaux” and signed “F. de la Perriere”.  Francoise de la Perriere designed this scarf for Hermes in 1985, when it was first issued.  It was reissued in 1991.  This scarf is in the black colorway - I’m unsure if this is an original issue or a 1991 reissue.  It is a 90 cm scarf, measuring 34.5” by 35.5”, and is made of silk twill.  There is no label, but printed within the design is “Hermès Paris”.  It is in excellent condition and has just recently been dry cleaned - the dry cleaning ticket is still attached (see photo).  I detect a very slight scent of perfume, but this should dissipate with time.

Wonderful quality scarf as one would expect from Hermès - beautiful design and colours!