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Vintage Hermes La Reale Silk Scarf Hugo Grygkar Vue Du Carosse de la Galere 35”


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This is an authentic vintage Hermes scarf titled “Vue Du Carosse De La Galère La Réale”, usually simply referred to as “La Réale”.  This scarf was originally designed by Hugo Grygkar in 1953, but this is a 1992 re-issue, still a beautiful quality scarf.  La Réale was a 17th century galley ship that was the flagship of the naval fleet of King Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King.  Of course, that ship no longer exists, but a model of it was built for the Musée National de la Marine in Paris, upon which Grygkar based his design.  The original ship was built around 1692 and decorated with gold motifs - Apollo, Neptune, mermen and various other figures.

This scarf has been issued in a number of colour combinations - this one is in tones of light green, green, ochre gold, yellow and black against white.  

Label: Hermes label that reads “Made in France 100% Silk Dry Clean Only” - printed within the design is “Vue Du Carosse De La Galère La Réale” as well as “Hermès - Paris".

Material: 100% silk twill

Sizing: 90 cm - 35” by 34 1/2”

Condition: It is in excellent condition with no signs of wear, very clean - there is, however, the scent of perfume.  This should disappear with a good airing or a dry cleaning - the original folds are still in place.  Sorry, but no box.

This is a wonderful vintage Hermes scarf with a striking design in a colourway not usually seen….this came from the estate of a wealthy lady, 100% authentic!