Vintage German Salt Glaze Stoneware Figure Flotenspieler Flute Player Giefer Bahn Hohr-Grenzhausen


Brand Etsy

This is a large vintage figure made by Giefer Bahn of Hohr-Grenshausen and known as the Flotenspieler (Flute Player), even though he is technically playing a recorder. The Giefer-Bahn pottery was founded in 1947 by Klothilde Giefer-Bahn and known as the Geschwister Bahn pottery. She specialized in salt glazed stoneware, of which this is a wonderful example. The piece is quite large and heavy, measuring 10 1/2 in height, about 9 in depth and 8 1/4 in width - it weighs 7.5 lbs. It is in excellent condition with no noted defect. It is signed on the interior base, although the signature is difficult to make out.
This was acquired from the original owners who bought it when they lived in Germany during the 1980s. It features a wonderful glaze in attractive colours, lovely quality. Perfect in the right decor!