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Vintage French Beret Hat Boina Ederra Basque Excelsiora Super Foulard Navy Blue


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a navy blue wool felt “French” beret made in the Spanish Basque area by Boina Ederra.  The hat is lined in a copper brown satin fabric that is gold stamped with “Lebreton 89 rue de Siam Brest” - this is the retailer’s name and address.  The manufacturer’s label reads “Boina Ederra Excelsiora Super Foulard Eskualduna Impermeable Pure Laine”.  Eskualduna is the Basque word for “Basque” and “Impermeable Pure Laine” is French for “Waterproof Pure Wool”.   The opening of the hat is finished with a leather sweatband with broad white stitching.  It is gold stamped “57”, which means that the opening measures 57 cm around or 22 7/16”, equivalent to a size 7 1/8, medium.  It is in very good condition with no wear, tear or soiling.  The Basque region of Spain borders the Bay of Biscay and the French town of Brest is located at the opposite end of the bay.  

This beret is identical to one that was worn and signed by Madonna for a Jean Paul Gaultier photo shoot - that beret was in the Dick Clark rock and roll collection and recently sold at auction.  You can see photos online of Madonna wearing a beret while accompanying Gaultier in 1989.

This is a superior quality French beret, made in the Basque region of Spain - I’ve posed it on a female mannequin, but it is a great look for either a man or woman!