Vintage Cold War RCAF Stein CE Marville France Construction Engineering 1 Wing


Brand Etsy

This is a vintage Cold War era Royal Canadian Air Force stein personalized for a member of the Construction Engineering Section of the 1 Wing station located in Marville, France. The Marville station was established in 1954 in support of NATO during the Cold War. The station was closed in 1967 due to Frances withdrawal from NATO integrated military command - this withdrawal was reversed in 2009. The stein has an aircraft sitting atop the lid that looks like an Avro CF-100 Canuck, which was first used in 1956 at Marville. The original owners name is printed in gold on one side, which reads R Beaudet. The stein was made in Germany by Hugo Schmidt of Koblenz. The particular version of the Schmidt mark dates the stein to as early as 1957, so I believe that this stein dates to the late 1950s, right at the height of the Cold War era. Some of these steins have a nude lady lithopane in the bottom of the stein - I can see an impression in the bottom of this stein, but the lithopane is not visible, maybe made so on purpose. The stein is in very good condition with no major issue.
This is an interesting RCAF Cold War era collectible - Marville was short-lived, so there probably are not many examples of this particular stein out there..