Vintage Christian Dior Scarf CD Logo Papillon Silk Twill Square Colour Block 1970s


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a wonderful vintage silk twill scarf printed with a geometric colour block pattern with vertical lines through the blocks and the Christian Dior “CD” logo appearing three times.  The scarf is signed “Papillon” at the lower right corner.  The label reads “Reine Seide” (German for Pure Silk).  The edge is hand rolled and finished.

Sizing: 34” square

Colors:  Green, teal, mustard and black

Condition: It is in very good condition with no wear, tear, staining or odour - this scarf looks to have seen little, if any, use, and was well stored over the years.

This is a wonderful vintage silk scarf…nice quality, great look!