Vintage Bohemian Amethyst Rhinestone Brooch Gablonz Gurtler Work Brass Mount


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a very pretty brooch that would have been made in the Gablonz area of Bohemia circa 1920s/30s.  The piece is made with a stamped brass metal setting called “Gürtler Work”, which is studded with amethyst colored faceted crystal glass rhinestones.  Three rhinestone studded pieces dangle from the bottom - this form was adapted by the Gablonz factories from a classic Norwegian form.  The backs of the rhinestones are painted in metallic gold except for the center stone.  The pin has a safety catch.  The brooch measures 2 1/8" in diameter, exclusive of its dangles.

The Gurtlers (metalsmiths) of Gablonz were highly skilled craftsmen - jewelry of this period from Gablonz was made to an exacting quality.....very pretty brooch that is sure to be noticed!