Vintage Black Macrame Dress Unique & Unusual Size S


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a very unique and unusual handmade black macrame dress.  I know nothing of its history but have never seen any other dress like it.  The macrame is very tightly knotted and of excellent quality.  This black macrame dress is made in a short length with an open bust area that is delineated by macrame roping.  It has a halter rope strap and shoulder straps.  The midriff is covered by a series of ropes and the dress is cut very low at the back, right down to the buttocks.  The bottom of the dress is finished in long fringe.  I would assume that this would have been worn by a showgirl, but I really don’t know.  As far as age, I really don’t know.  I posed it with a bandeau on my mannequin, but you need to wear a bustier of some sort with it.   

Sizing: This black macrame dress should fit a size small even though the measurements indicate a medium.  There is absolutely no “give” to the macrame, so I had a hard time getting it onto my mannequin. Please note the following measurements for fit, taking into account the style of this black macrame dress, which you have to squeeze into either from the top or bottom:

Bust:  15” across, taken across the cups - note that the back is open

Waist:  28” around

Hips:  35”-36” around

Length:  35” measured flat from the top of the halter strap to the bottom, including the 12” fringe

Condition:  This black macrame dress is very clean with no wear, tear, stains or odour - the wires supporting the under cup are protruding out of either end, but I’m sure that this can be adjusted. 

This is a sexy little black macrame dress - you’re sure not to see another!