Vintage Barbini Murano Art Glass Bowl Pink Circus Tent Lattimo with Aventurine


Brand Etsy

This is a gorgeous bowl made in Murano, Italy that features the circus tent pattern, attributed to Alfredo Barbini. The piece is made in the form of a shell, crimped along the top edge, with a spout at one end and a turned handle at the opposite end. The piece is made of opaque white (lattimo) glass with alternating flared bands of pink spots and infused gold aventurine, emanating out from the centre. It measures 10 1/4 by 9 with a height of 3 1/4. It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks or wear, just one scratch with some black showing to the underside, visible in the side photo, really minor. This is a beautiful piece of glass - lovely form and soft colour combination, a quality piece!