Vintage Anthropomorphic Asian Face Condiment Jam Jar Hot Sauce Japan Ceramic Unusual


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful anthropomorphic condiment or jam jar made in Japan. This is a rather unusual example - I do believe that it is an earlier anthropomorphic piece, probably 1930s era because of the design and the appearance of the Japan stamp on the underside. The piece features an Asian face with a moustache. The jar is attached to the under plate and there is a notch in the lid that allows the insertion of a spoon - I posed it with a spoon, but the spoon is not included. The ceramic is thicker than seen on post-war Japanese wares. It is in very good condition with the exception of overall crazing, with a few discoloured craze lines, very minor. The piece measures 4 5/8 in height to the top of the lid and 5 1/8 in diameter across the under plate. This is not a common piece - nice addition to an anthropomorphic collection!