Vintage 60s Mod Doll Made in Japan Long Stockinette Legs


Brand Etsy

This is the cutest 60s mod doll! She was made in Japan and has long legs covered in stocking. She head and hands are made of vinyl and she has blonde hair. Her eyelids are closed and have blue liner and long painted lashes. She is wearing a white satin blouse with a high neck and long tie at the front, studded with a rhinestone - a second rhinestone appears to be missing. She has a tunic top short orange velvet dress and a matching velvet beret posed on the back of her head. She has stocking type shoes and is posed on a wood base. The Ontario stuffed material label is detached, but it states Made in Japan (see photos). The doll measures 16 in height including the base. She is in very good condition except for a dirt smudge under the stocking on one of her legs (see last close-up photo) - I havent really tried to remove this.
This is a very cute display doll - great in a 60s decor, or anywhere!