Vintage 50s Sewing Silk Fabric Lining Woven Geometric Silver Grey 5.5 yds


Brand Etsy

This is wonderful - vintage sewing silk fabric woven with a geometric motif throughout. This fabric is unused in a bolt that measures 47 in width, including selvedge and about 5.5 yards in length. This fabric was acquired from the liquidation of an old fur business, so obviously had been used to line fur coats - in those days, fur coats were treasured and very expensive, so they would use only the best quality fabric to line them. I did a burn test to ascertain what it is - the residue was a soft black ash, so Im fairly certain that it is silk. You could almost use this on either side, although the satin finish side is the correct one. The fabric is in unused condition.
This is beautiful quality silk fabric - great if you need to re-line a fur coat, or perhaps could be used to make other items from scarves to pillows or anything that you can think of that doesnt require more than 5.5 yards.