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Vintage 50s Felt Circle Skirt Rockabilly Hit Parade Music Theme XS / S


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a fabulous vintage felt wool circle skirt dating to the 1950s featuring a music theme.  The skirt is original and not a copy or reproduction. It has one applied pocket to the upper right and an applied motif to the lower left that are made in the form of records - both are marked “RCA Victor” and the motif is marked “Eddie Fisher” while the pocket is marked “Perry Como”, more mainstream than rock ‘n‘ roll.  There are also little plastic discs made like records with labels that read “Wait For Me” by “Georgia Gibbs”, backed by “Son of a Gondolier” by the Laurie Sisters, “So I Walked Home” by Betty Madigan backed by “I Am a Man” by Alan Dean, and “Steam Heat” by Patti Page backed by “Isle of Capri” by The Gaylords.  All of these records are from 1954, so it’s reasonable to date this skirt to that year.  The skirt is also decorated with music notes and a music staff as well with “Hit Parade” across the front.  It is made in a full circle and is posed with a crinoline underneath - no crinoline is provided, but these can be bought online quite easily.  The skirt does up with a metal zipper and button at the left side. 


Age: 1954

Label: no label

Color: Peacock blue in a slightly teal tone

Material: Felt wool

Sizing: No size is indicated, but it would fit a small or XS size - in any case, please rely on the following measurements for fit:

Waist: 23”-24” around

Hips: Full - 42” - 44”, but meant to follow the contour of a crinoline

Overall length: 29"

Bottom flare:  100” aroun


This is a perfect 50s period felt circle skirt - 1954 was right at the genesis of rock ‘n’ roll, so it’s understandable that the Hit Parade featured artists that we think of now as more mainstream or middle of the road.  Still, it has all of the look of the era - great outfit for the sock hop.....