Vintage 1920s Alpaca Teddy Bear Coat Motoluxe Ladies Overcoat


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a rare piece - an original ladies’ Motoluxe alpaca teddy bear coat in original condition (except for a missing button).  The Motoluxe label is missing, but there is no doubt as to what this is.  Motoluxe marketed the teddy bear coat to early motorists, when warmth was important due to a lack of proper heating in earlier cars.  Although the more expensive cars had heating and after market heaters could be installed, most cars did not have standard heating.  As a disclaimer, because the label isn’t present, I can’t certify this coat as being by Motoluxe, but I think that they were the primary maker of these coats. This teddy bear coat is made in a six button double breasted style with a loop and button closure.  There is a faux flapped pocket at either side (flap, but no pocket).  The sleeves are to the wrist, allowing for the use of gloves.  It is made in a below the knee length, typical of shorter 1920s fashion for ladies.  I’ve attached a photo of an early advertisement that shows a men’s teddy bear coat that they call an “alpaca dust coat” - please view the last photo. 

Label:  Cusson & Cusson St Hyacinthe P.Q.  Cusson & Cusson was located at 1624 rue Cascades Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec and was in business from 1924 until 1966.

Fabric:  Alpaca wool on a cloth base

Color: Brown

Sizing: No size is indicated on this teddy bear coat - it should fit a medium size, but please rely on the following measurements for fit, taken from the exterior, so consider the thickness of the fabric:

Shoulders:  17” across shoulder seams

Sleeves:  23”

Sleeve Inseam:  15” 

Chest:  42” around, taken under the arms

Waist:  43” around

Hips:  46”

Overall length: 38" measured flat at the back from the neck seam to the hemline

Condition:  Amazingly, this teddy bear coat is in very clean condition with no wear, tear, pulls, stains or odours, except for an open seam at the right armpit - this would require a few stitches, but probably would need a professional seamstress or tailor for it to be repaired properly.  Alpaca is very prone to mothing, so this has been very well stored over the last 100 or so years.  Also, as mentioned, there is a missing button at the top right, corresponding to the top loop closure.

This is an exceedingly rare teddy bear coat - they are now making a very expensive reproduction teddy bear coat but this is the real thing.  If you’re an antique car enthusiast, this teddy bear coat is a must-have!