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Vintage 1980s Christian Dior Shearling Fur Coat - Multicoloured Patchwork


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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An exceptional shearling fur winter coat made by Christian Dior. The coat features a patchwork of colored shapes arranged in a geometric pattern that resembles a stained glass window, pretty fabulous. The coat normally does up with three sets of hooks and loops, but the top hook and loop that would normally close the coat around the neck no longer can do so as the top right and left corners have been sewn down to form lapels. In addition, the third set is missing the loop, so only the second closure works to secure the coat closed - you can easily have the third loop replaced and the lapels can be undone, although this would be a matter of preference. The coat is fully lined in black fabric that is woven overall with “Christian Dior”. The original Christian Dior label is missing, but there is no doubt that this is a Christian Dior coat as I’ve seen another one and the coat speaks for itself - the work is quite incredible on this coat.

Age: 1980s

Colour: Patches of red, blue and olive green all separated by black

Material: Shearling lamb fur

Sizing: No size is indicated, and although this should fit a medium to large size, please rely on the following measurements for fit, taking the thickness of the fabric into account:

Shoulders: 19” across from shoulder/sleeve seam to shoulder/sleeve seam

Sleeves: 25” from the shoulder/sleeve seam

Sleeve Inseam: 16”

Bust: 44” around

Waist: 48” around

Length: 40”

Condition: It is in excellent condition aside from the aforementioned missing loop. This coat was obviously treasured and well cared for over its life. This is a stunning coat - really a work of art, this must have been extremely difficult to make!