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Vintage 1965 Royal Copenhagen Alumni Porcelain Traquebar Blue Salad Plate 8 1/4


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This is a salad plate made by the Aluminia department of Royal Copenhagen of Denmark, decorated in the Traquebar Blue pattern, which was produced between 1912 and 2003. I have three of these plates available - price is for one plate only. Each plate is decorated with a hand painted flower in its centre and with a wide lattice band around its edge. The underside of the plate is marked with the Aluminia mark along with the pattern number 1399. The X mark under the letter n in Denmark dates the manufacture of the plate to 1965. Each plate measures 8 1/4 in diameter. Each is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or wear. These are lovely Royal Copenhagen porcelain plates - nice additions to a collection in this pattern!