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Vintage 1960s Paco Rabanne Gold Mylar Disc Chainmail Vest Size S / M


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is an authentic 60s era vest designed by Paris couturier Paco Rabanne. These vests, as well as similar dresses, were based on Paco Rabanne designs, but came in kits that one would assemble. Not an easy task, as there are a lot of pieces to put together! The “discs” are made of a flexible gold mylar in round cornered square shapes, each piece drilled with a hole in each of the four corners. A gold toned ring is attached through each hole, connecting each corner with the corresponding corner of a neighbouring disc. The piece is outlined in gold toned chain and has round gold discs hanging from the bottom. The interior side of the gold mylar discs is in a grey colour, see last photo. There are no closures.

Age: These kits were available as of 1968 - I believe that this is a late 60s piece.

Sizing: No size is indicated as there are no labels, but this should fit a small to medium size - please note the following measurements for fit:

Shoulders: 18” across

Bust: 36” around with a normal gap at the front

Waist: 36”

Length: 24”, measured flat

Condition: All of the mylar pieces appear to be present, but some may be detached from their neighboring disc as the pieces can slip out of the rings. This requires reinserting the piece into the ring, so some maintenance may be necessary. There is one round dangling disc missing at the bottom back, not a big deal, and probably could be replaced fairly easily. Finally, there is some curvature or bending to some of the mylar pieces, a function of the material itself as it is a flexible plastic/polyester based polymer. Overall, this looks great but may require a little bit of effort to get it into perfect shape.

This is a rare 60s example of Paco Rabanne design - futuristic and easier to wear than one of his chain link dresses as this vest goes over an outfit and you don’t have to worry about see-through. Super piece of collectible fashion history!