Vintage 1960s Metallic Lamé Dress Lew Shedlack Montreal Sz M


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a striking 1960s metallic lamé dress made by Montreal designer Lew Shedlack.  Shedlack (d. 1978) was active from the 1940s through the 1950s and 60s and was a quality manufacturer, similar to Auckie Sanft of Montreal.  Shedlack was known to use Parisian fashion fabrics on his garments, and I have no doubt that the fabric used for this 1960s metallic lamé dress was of French origin.  The dress is hand finished and obviously custom made, not mass manufactured.  This 1960s metallic lamé dress is made in a simple, yet elegant style, with a jewel neckline, a flared silhouette and wrist length sleeves, allowing for the use of evening gloves.  It has a slant pocket at either side hip level and a partial open front that closes with seven snaps - there are two stitches at the lower front that complete the closure.  There are loops for a belt - I would assume that this had a matching belt that is no longer present.  That being said, I feel that this 1960s metallic lamé dress works perfectly well without a belt.  The dress is fully lined.

Label:  Shedlack.  There are no other labels.  

Fabric:  As mentioned, this is a high-end fabric, woven with various shapes in colours of tan, orange, bronze, blue and white with metallic gold overall.  

Sizing: There is no size label on this 1960s metallic lamé dress, and, as mentioned, it was almost certainly custom made. Although it should fit a medium size, please rely on the following exterior measurements for fit:

Shoulders:  16” across seam-to-seam

Sleeves:  21” from the shoulder seam

Sleeve inseam:  15 1/2”

Bust:  37” around

Waist:  33” around

Hips:  39” around

Overall length:  38”, measured flat

Condition:  This 1960s metallic lamé dress is in excellent condition with no noted wear, tear, stains or odour - it looks to have seen little use and was well stored over the years.

The fabric is pretty spectacular on this 1960s metallic lamé dress - sure to make an impression!