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Vintage 1960s Gucci Iconic Bamboo Handle Handbag Purse Black Patent Leather 0633


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is an authentic vintage 1960s era Gucci handbag purse made with the iconic burnished bamboo handle.  Aldo Gucci based his bamboo handle design on a bag that he had found in London.  It was introduced in 1947, and was a solution to the scarcity of leather in post-WWII Europe.  This bag is known as the 0633 model, produced by Gucci for many years - this one is stamped with the “Made in Italy by Gucci” stamping used through the 50s until the mid-70s.  The bamboo handle was made by heating the bamboo and shaping it by hand, so a labour intensive process.  I’ve seen this bag being offered in leather, but I haven’t found one in patent leather, which makes this a special bag.  It is made with a purple leather interior and has a snap-down side pocket and a zippered side pocket in addition to its centre compartment.  Unfortunately, the zipper pull is detached from the zipper on the interior pocket - I still have the pull but it would have to be put back on track.  I assume that a specialist would be able to do this.  Aside from that, there is a light scratch in the patent leather to the lower left front, visible in the photos, really minor, and easily disguised with a bit of petroleum jelly or perhaps eliminated somehow by a leather specialist.  Aside from this, the bag looks to have seen very little use - no other signs of wear.  The purse closes with a swivel Bamboo peg and has gold toned hardware.  It measures 10 1/2” in width at its widest, 3 1/4” in depth at the bottom, unfilled with contents (it should expand) and 6 1/2” in height, exclusive of its handle.  The handle has a fall of 4 1/2”.

This purse has been owned and used by many celebrities - I think that Naomi Watts may be using a vintage black patent like this one in a photo that I saw.  They recently re-issued a version of the model 0633, but the quality is not like the vintage ones. 

This is iconic Gucci - excellent quality, sure to be noticed!