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Vintage 1960s Does 20s Mod Unused Cotton Ribbed Fabric 42.5 x 46.75


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is vintage 1960s era ribbed cotton fabric that is printed with a very colourful “60s does 20s” pattern consisting of faces, items, and text related to show business - “Show”, “Opera”, “Art”, “Cinema”, ”Music”, “Stage”, “Screen”, “Poster” and “Operetta”.  There was a slight obsession during the 1960s for 1920s social life.  The fabric is unused in a single piece that measures 42.5” in width by 46.75” in length.  This fabric was acquired from the liquidation of an old Canadian garment manufacturing business and was simply sitting in inventory for the last 50 years.  The colours and graphics are amazing on this piece of fabric - I’m not sure of how it could be used, but maybe pillows or top or skirt or maybe just frame and display it.    

This is really fun fabric to find unused - striking colours and print!