Vintage 1950s White Antelope Leather Cutwork Lace Gloves Size 6.5 Excellent


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a wonderful pair of vintage ladies’ off-white leather gloves that appear to be unused - these came with a lot of unused gloves, and although unattached, if they saw use, they saw very little use and show no signs of wear.  They are decorated with cutwork in a bow and ivy design.  The interior of one of the gloves is stamped with “6 1/2”.  They are in a suede finish - I think that these may be antelope.  Note that the white is towards a cream colour.  I believe that they date to the 1950s, maybe late 40s.  The leather is of excellent quality - soft and supple.

Size: Stamped size 6 1/2.  They have a length of 14 3/4” to the middle finger and a palm width of 2 7/8” - they still need to be worked in.

This is a wonderful pair of vintage gloves, very nice quality - you can’t buy quality leather evening gloves like this anymore without spending a small fortune!