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Vintage 1950s Pocket Scarf or Head Square Paris Scene Italian Acetate Pochette


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a vintage pocket scarf or small head or neck scarf featuring a very cute Parisian street scene with girl in the foreground reading a newspaper while holding the leash of her French poodle dog.  The piece is in tones of red, purple, green, greyish blue, gray and white.   

Age: 1950s, maybe early 1960s

Fabric Label: Twill Acetato Made in Italy - no maker’s label or signature

Size: 18 3/4” wide by 20” high

Condition:  It has a sewn repair to the edge at the top left, and a bit of fabric separation, mostly in the edge areas, really only noticeable if inspecting with a light behind it.  Otherwise, the scarf displays very well 

This is a fun vintage scarf, very cute illustration of a Paris scene!