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Vintage 1950s Felt Circle Skirt Gold Necklace Print Rockabilly Rock n Roll 25” W


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wonderful quality vintage black felt circle skirt dating to the 1950s.  The skirt is original and not a copy or reproduction.  The skirt is made in a full circle and is posed with a crinoline underneath - no crinoline is provided, but these can be bought online quite easily.  It is silkscreen print with a repeating chatelaine type necklace motif in metallic gold with green highlights.  The skirt does up with a metal zipper at the side and with a button at the waist.  There is a pocket built into the right side.

Label: no label

Material: Felt wool, nicer quality than normally seen

Sizing: No size is indicated, but please rely on the following measurements for fit:

Waist: 25” around

Hips: Full

Overall length: 30 1/2"

Bottom flare:  206” around, a true circle skirt

Condition: It is in very good condition with no pronounced wear, stains or doors, but it does have a small tear under the waist next to the zipper - a seamstress can easily repair this and it is in a rather insignificant area.  This was well cared for over the years and looks to have seen little use.

This is a classy 50s period felt circle skirt - quality example!