Vintage 1950s Circus Tumbler Set of 8 in Box Gaytime Glasses Dominion Glass Canada


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful and probably very rare, set of eight glass tumblers made by Dominion Glass of Canada. Each glass has a character from the circus on one side and a numbered balloon held by a clown on the opposite side - the tumblers are numbered 1 through 8. They come in their original box, however, the top is a little moisture stained and torn off - you would have to try to glue it or tape it back in place. The cover reads Gaytime Glasses by Dominion. The tumblers feature a strongman, a clown, a ringmaster, a trapeze artist, a horse rider, a majorette, a harem girl and a lion tamer. Each tumbler measures 5 1/8 in height and is in very good condition except for a tiny chip to the inside rim on tumbler number 8 that looks like it could be sanded down - otherwise, they look unused. I doubt that too many complete sets of these circus tumblers are still in existence - wonderful display items!