Vintage 1950s 60s Steiff Zotty Teddy Bear Stuffed Toy 8


Brand Etsy

This is a vintage long hair mohair teddy bear named Zotty, made by Steiff sometimes between 1951 and 1978, but most likely dating to the late 50s to early 60s. It came from a lot of other Steiff animals that I acquired that date to the 1950s / early 60s. This example is missing its button and tag, so has no identification, but this is an old piece, so the lack of ID can be somewhat forgiven. It is made in a pretty tone of brown that I believe is referred to as cinnamon and has frosted fur in places and a beige/yellow bib. This bear has a jointed head, arms and legs. There appears to be a growler, but it is not functioning. It measures about 8 in height - this would correspond to the 22 cm size, the third smallest produced. Steiff produced 17 cm to 100 cm sizes. It is in very good condition - no wear or mohair loss. Nice addition to a Steiff collection.wonderful looking teddy bear!