Vintage 1940s Wedgwood & Co Tudor Rose Blush Rose Salad Plate Wartime Concentration Scheme


Brand Etsy

This is a 1941 Wedgwood & Co. salad plate decorated in the Tudor Rose pattern on a Blush Rose coloured blank. I have six of these for sale - price is per plate. This Tudor Rose on Blush Rose appears to be a rather rare combination as I couldnt find other examples anywhere on the internet. This was made during the dark days of WWII, around the time that Wedgwood & Co. was one of only a few potteries allowed to produce pottery under the Wartime Concentration Scheme, which was meant to free up workers to join the war effort. Under the Wartime Concentration Scheme potteries were only allowed to produce undecorated wares for domestic use but were allowed to produce a small amount of decorated pottery for export in order to earn foreign dollars. The Scheme was initiated in the fall of 1941 but fully in effect by the summer of 1942. Production of this Tudor Rose on Blush Rose pattern probably was cut short due to the restrictions, and because of them, exported to Canada. The transfer printed rose is signed within the print with G Baylis. Each plate is stamped on its underside with the Wedgwood & Co unicorn mark and a couple are impressed with the date code of 12 41 for December, 1941, others are unstamped. Each plate measures 7 7/8 in diameter. All are in excellent condition with no cracks or chips, but one has a few craze lines on the underside and a few have a tiny glaze imperfection on the rim, really minor. This is a very pretty pattern, not to mention being rather unique - l would think that there are very few, if any, of these still around. Lovely colour and rose!