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Vintage 1940s Swing Tie Mens Silk Hand Knit Necktie Monogram Initial M


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a fabulous hand knit silk tie featuring an embroidered initial M on its centre.  Knit ties first appeared during the 1920s in Europe and were considered to be appropriate for working classes as typically they would be knit by a member of the household in linen or wool as a cheap alternative to a silk store bought tie.  During the 1930s, they became more fashionable and people began using silk.  After WWII, they began to be mass produced on commercial knitting machines.  It is difficult to precisely date this tie as it is hand knit, but my feeling is 1940s era, although possibly earlier - I don’t think later.  It is knit in brown with a golden yellow centre and brown embroidered M.  Note that the yellow part emanates out on either side, but this adds to the charm of the piece.  Otherwise, no wear, tear or staining - this tie is clean and ready to wear.  The tie measures 54” in length and has a width of 2 3/8” at its widest.  This is a rarely seen tie - great gift for someone whose name begins with an M!