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Vintage 1940s Silk Scarf Square w Heads Wearing Turban & Snood Hats


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wonderful silk scarf printed with ladies’ heads wearing turbans and snood hats.  The cloth label that was affixed to the edge of the scarf is missing and only the remnant fabric remains as proof that there had been a label there.  Therefore, it’s difficult to say for sure who made this scarf, but my feeling is that it may have been a Parisian fashion house, just due to the fabulous print and colours, especially the magenta, as well as the hand stitched rolled edge.  I believe that the scarf dates to the 1940s, when turbans and snoods were popular.  

Colours: Pink, purple, green, black, white and grey

Size: 33” by 35”

Condition:  It is in very good condition - there is one light stain, very minor, and what looks like some ink dotting, mostly in one corner, that one might mistake for a misprint, really not that noticeable.  In addition, the rolled edge is unfurled on one side (see last photo) and there is one 4” area on the adjacent edge where the stitching is missing - one could simply have this re-stitched, if desired.  Otherwise, the scarf looks great with no other stains or pronounced defects. 

This is a fabulous silk scarf - striking colours and fun print!