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Vintage 1940s Sheared Beaver Fur Cape Size M


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a 1940s vintage sheared beaver fur cape.  The fur is very soft with a velvet-like texture.  The cape has padded shoulders, an arm opening at either side and a rounded pocket at either side.  I’ve posed the collar in a standing but it can be worn turned down - if you wear it turned down and the cape is unsecured, it forms shawl lapels.  The cape is lined in a brown satin fabric.  There are hooks and loops at the interior of the arm openings should you wish to close them.  The cape closes at the front with three hooks and loops.  Note the matched pelts on the back - quite beautiful.

Label: None

Sizing: No size is indicated as this was custom made, but please rely on the following measurements for fit taking the thickness of the fur into account:

Shoulders:  19” across to the ends to the pads

Side length:  22” long from the shoulder pad

Bust: 52” around, but that would include your arms

Length: 27”, measured flat

Condition: It is in very good condition with no pronounced wear, tears, odour or stains - the only defect is that the seam from the bottom of the arm opening to the hemline has come undone to a great degree.  This doesn’t affect wear, but probably should be stitched up, an easy repair for someone with the right sewing machine.  Otherwise, this jacket was well stored and cared for over the years and being a water based fur is very robust, so with common care should last for many years.

This is a rare 40s era fur cape - beautiful highlight contrast, lovely back, sure to be noticed!