Vintage 1940s Barkcloth Fabric Floral Tower Vat Print Wingate Design 42 x 94


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is barkcloth drapery fabric printed with a floral pattern - the selvedge reads “Design Wingate A Tower Vat Print Preshrunk”. .  The fabric has a medium weight barkcloth Momie weave.  It consists of two pieces that measure 42” by 47”, joined together to make a length of 94”.  It is very good condition with no staining - there is fraying at either longer side, but the 42” is exclusive of the fray.  The print is in tones green, red,  pink and dark brown against a medium brown background.

You could make either two small curtains or some cushions out of this fabric - nice vintage barkcloth…..