Vintage 1930s Tharaud Limoges Plaque Pate sur Pate Bisque Porcelain La Balanoire


Brand Etsy

This is a plaque made by Camille Tharaud of Limoges, France. The plaque is made of a pate sur pate bisque porcelain. Pate sur pate is achieved by applying layers of white porcelain slip onto a coloured unglazed body, then carving into it, the final result being a dimensionally raised image. Handwriting on the back identifies the piece as La Balancoire (The Swing) and features a mother and child sitting on a swing. The image is in white on a light blue background. The plaque is marked in green on the backside with Tharaud Limoges France. Sources date this Tharaud Limoges mark as being in use from 1930 onwards, however the piece looks more art nouveau to me in style. The plaque measures 7 in height and 4 1/2 in width. It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks or pronounced wear. It is framed, but a little loose in the frame, so please be careful when unwrapping. Lovely quality plaque - ethereal!